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Did you know that approximately 235 000 Canadians experience homelessness each year? According to the National Youth Homelessness Survey20% of the homeless population is between the ages of 13 and 24. At any given time, there are between 35 000 and 40 000 youth on the streets in Canada. A few years ago, we met Mr. Joey Gallant from Dans la Rue and were very impressed with their work. Dans la Rue is a multi-disciplinary team of dedicated professionals and volunteers, united by the vision of helping young people survive the streets and get back on track by teaching them the necessary skills to build a better future for themselves.  


During a small interview with Senior Advisor Margaux Weldmann, she was asked how general donations have impacted lives.

"Dans la Rue does everything it can to provide the basics to homeless and at-risk youth, in addition to other services and solutions. Every year, thanks to people's donations, we hand out more than 70 000 cans of food, serve 25 000 hot meals, and give out thousands of pairs of socks, underwear as well as t-shirts, sweaters, boots, shoes, coats, soap, shampoo and toothbrushes.

Youth in unstable living situations can turn to Dans la Rue's services for the essentials. The arrival of winter brings a new set of worries for them, and KLo's donation of winter jackets allows us to provide everything they need to deal with the winter conditions.

Over the last years, your donations have played an essential role to address an urgent need, particularly in the current pandemic context. Thanks to your support, It strongly contributed to more well-being for them and facilitated their journey towards a more autonomous and rewarding life."

KLo will continue to contribute so that the winter conditions do not handicap their comfort and warmth. We must give back when possible .

KLo prioritizes people over products.


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