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Timmins Aviator Hat

100% synthetic, unisex hat, one size fits all and adjustable. It offers 2 ear positions for more comfort, as well two different and timeless looks.

Aviator style hat. With lowered sides, it's perfect for outdoor enthusiasts looking to keep their ears warm this winter.

Trapper style hat. The loops allow you to tie the sides above the head, for a more classic version.


Heat index based on lab simulation, during moderate activity. Consider your cold tolerance, exposure time and layering.


Timeless garment with classic design & durable over time.

Regular price $69.00



Can be worn with the “ears” lowered or raised
Tightening strap for adjustment around the head
Detachable front palette for quick decorating
Inner lining with insulation

Materials & Performance

100% Polyester PU synthetic leather
Premium synthetic fur
Quality synthetic insulation

Easy to maintain

Clean the leather with a damp, soft cloth.
To restore volume to the fur, gently brush in small sections when dry.


We deliver anywhere in Canada within 3 business days of ordering. We have a large inventory to serve you.

Free delivery with online purchase of $100 or more


Detachable front palette for quick decorating. Add your crest or embroidery.

KLo does not offer the decoration service except during a custom-made production. Please contact KLo for a decorator near you.

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