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Natural fur

Apart from the undeniable chic and classic appearance, the fur trim has an essential function against winter weather by preserving the skin of the face against wind, ice and cold. Colors and shapes may vary. All NORDIC COLLECTIONhoods are equipped with a universal system ready to receive any KLo fur band. Removable, this allows the jacket to remain machine washable and easy to care for. Exclusive attachment system to KLo.

Heat index based on lab simulation, during moderate activity. Consider your cold tolerance, exposure time and layering.


Timeless garment with classic design & durable over time.

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Exclusive KLo 5-snap attachment system.

Materials & Performance

Natural fur, manufactured in Canada.

Easy to maintain

Shake as soon as possible to remove excess water and snow. To restore volume, gently brush your fur in small sections when dry.

Avoid compressing the fur in a plastic bag and store in a cool place.


We deliver anywhere in Canada within 3 business days of ordering. We have a large inventory to serve you.

Free delivery with online purchase of $100 or more


KLo does not offer the decoration service except during a custom-made production. Please contact KLo for a decorator near you.

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